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Gas Line Installation and Repair in Blairsville, GA

Many homes in the North Georgia mountains rely on gas, propane, or LP for heating, cooking, and water heating. No matter which type of gas you use, there will be pipes that lead from the source to your home. Proper gas line installation and repair in Blairsville is essential to your appliances operating safely and efficiently.

If you are looking for the right contractor for gas line installation or repair, gas appliance servicing, fireplace installation or maintenance, or tankless water heater installation, contact The Fire Man today!

Services We Offer

At The Fire Man, we offer professional, affordable, and long-term solutions. Whether you need your home completely piped for gas, need a line run for a new fireplace, or have appliances that need servicing, you can count on us. Our technicians have experience and training that ensures your job is done correctly.

The Fire Man is a full-service gas line installation and repair service. We help commercial and residential clients throughout North Georgia with:

Gas Fireplace Installation

Fireplace Conversions

Gas Line Maintenance

Tankless Water Heaters

Stove Conversions

Gas Line Installation

Gas light Installation

Removal of Old Pipes

Repair/Service Calls


Contact us for a free quote and find out how we can make your home cozier and safer than ever.

Gas Line Installation and Repair

There are two very important reasons why you should have a professional install and/or repair your gas lines or appliances.


Natural gas is sourced by the city and/or county. Propane tanks are sourced by local companies. There are safety regulations when it comes to utilizing either type of gas in your home.

At The Fire Man, we are licensed to install and repair gas lines and appliances.


Working with gas can be dangerous. It is important that any installation or repair is done correctly and following proper safety guidelines. Inadequate safety measures can result in gas leaks, explosions, or carbon monoxide leaking into your home.

At The Fire Man, not only do our technicians have safety training, but our owner, Travis Henry, is a former firefighter. Safety is our number one priority on any job.

Frequently Asked Questions about Gas Lines

Who installs gas lines?

The Fire Man installs and repairs gas lines throughout North Georgia. For professional service, call us today at (706) 897-1873.

How much does gas line installation cost?

The cost of gas line installation depends on your needs. The best way to estimate the cost is to have The Fire Man assess your needs and provide a free estimate.

Can I repair a natural gas line myself?

You should never attempt to repair a natural gas line yourself. There are safety and permit issues with doing repair work yourself. A professional installer will make sure your line is repaired properly.

What kind of pipe is used for natural gas?

Steel is the most common choice for natural gas, but sometimes brass or copper is preferred.

Does homeowners insurance cover gas line problems?

Homeowners insurance does not generally cover gas lines. You would need additional coverage specifically for gas and utility lines.

How do I test for a gas leak?

There is a simple bubble test that you can use to see if your gas line is leaking. Mix a small amount of dish soap with water and wipe down the suspected area of your pipe with the mixture. If your gas is on and there is a leak, you will see bubbles coming from the area. If the leak is underground, however, it will be more difficult to spot.