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Complicated Gas Line Problem? The Fire Man Has the Solution!

Complicated Gas Line Problem? The Fire Man Has the Solution!

gas line problem

At The Fire Man, we do more than install gas lines and gas appliances. We also help property owners sort out complicated and frustrating gas line problems.

An unfortunate reality is that any home, no matter how old or how well built, can have problems with the gas lines. Sometimes gas lines are installed improperly or don’t have the proper fittings and valves. And other times, improper maintenance over the years causes wear and tear and the risk of a gas leak.

In any of these situations, property owners need a gas line professional that they can trust to accurately diagnose the problem and find a solution. At The Fire Man, solutions are what we do! Just take a look at this recent job.

The Fire Man Untangles Complicated Gas Line Problem

Just this week, The Fire Man was called to a job in Morganton, just outside Blairsville. The client had a complicated situation with their gas lines. There were five total lines run in the home, but no valves or shutoffs anywhere! Not only is that dangerous, but it is inefficient and difficult for a property owner to manage.

complicated gas lines

The property owner called The Fire Man, and our team came to the rescue. We took their tangled gas lines and built an efficient and organized manifold complete with appropriate valves and shutoffs. Not only is the client satisfied with their new setup, but their property is safer! Just take a look at how different this looks!

gas line problem

If you have a complicated gas line problem, let The Fire Man assess your needs and provide you with a free quote. Fill out our online form to get started, or call The Fire Man, Travis Henry, at  (706) 897-1873.

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